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The Baltic Fleet: 'Magnitogorsk' submarine vs corvette 'Soobrazitelny' (12-серийный фильм)

The Baltic Fleet: 'Magnitogorsk' submarine vs corvette 'Soobrazitelny' (12-серийный фильм) // RT Documentary. 08-21.03.2016.

19 марта - День моряка-подводника. Поздравляю товарища военного моряка подводника Андрея Анатольевича Сокуренко с праздником!
С Днём моряка-подводника, товарищ военмор Сокуренко!
С праздником Вас, дорогой Андрей Анатольевич!
Ясности мысли, организации себя и дела, решимости и дисциплины в делах!
И большой Вам и Вашим товарищам, друзьям, удачи!
Крепкого тёплого доброго тыла в лице родной семьи!
С уважением,
Собянин Александр Дмитриевич, руководитель службы стратегического планирования Ассоциации приграничного сотрудничества, член Экспертного совета Центра стратегической конъюнктуры, член Российско-Иранского совета по общественным связям.

На фото: А.А.Сокуренко во время службы на своей лодке.

The Baltic Fleet. Episodes 1-12
Step on board a corvette warship and take a deep sea submarine dive with Russia's famous Baltic Fleet. These two Russian Navy vessels are facing off against each other in a tense competition to win in a military exercise. Pick your side!
Russia’s Baltic Fleet was formed in 1703 under Peter the Great and is the oldest formation in the Russian Navy. Throughout its history, it has fought in many military conflicts, defending its country’s borders and perfecting its battle techniques. Today it boasts the most modern vessels, formidable weaponry and experienced seamen the Russian Navy has to offer. Meet the crews of two of its vessels, the corvette Soobrazitelny and the submarine Magnitogorsk, to learn more about life in the Baltic Fleet.
Joining the crew of Magnitogorsk, commanded by Captain Vladimir Nagornov, you'll find out about the procedures required for diving and surfacing, as well as certain superstitions shared by those on board. You'll also learn about the jobs required to keep the boat operational, how a submarine locates its targets covertly and discover more about the torpedoes it carries.
Aleksandr Slonov, Commander of Soobrazitelny, and his crew will take you along to a military parade, give you a guided tour of the ship and explain how the corvette's missiles are launched. With marines joining its ranks, you'll get the opportunity to accompany them to an armoured vehicle test track, where you can pick up some tips about how to handle these impressively versatile vehicles.
In the end, the two crews will engage in a competition to determine which of them is the best-prepared and most skilled in military combat. Pick your side and may the best team win.

The Baltic Fleet (E01): Russian stealth corvette and ‘black hole’ submarine get ready for a face-off // RT Documentary. 08.03.2016.

Russian Navy fleet corvette Soobrazitelny gets a new commander, captain lieutenant Aleksandr Slonov. Immediately, there are tensions between him and one of the ship’s junior lieutenants, Leonid Karakash. However, Slonov is determined to make Karakash change his ways. Meanwhile, the rest of the corvette’s crew begins preparation for a military exercise. They are to compete against the Magnitogorsk submarine under the command of Vladimir Nagornov and his crew. They only have 20 days to properly prepare. But first, the corvette’s new sailors must be initiated.

The Baltic Fleet (E02): Loading torpedoes on the 'Magnitogorsk' submarine // RT Documentary. 09.03.2016.

The crew aboard the corvette Soobrazitelny continue to learn the theory of combat training in preparation for their exams. The ship is heading towards St. Petersburg to take part in a military parade dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Western Approaches Command. The crew in the Magnitogorsk submarine, meanwhile, are exchanging the sub’s torpedoes, prior to diving.

The Baltic Fleet (E03): The challenging task of repainting the whole warship // RT Documentary. 10.03.2016.

Corvette Soobrazitelny has reached Kronstadt, near St. Petersburg. There, its crew is begins getting ready for the parade. They face the huge task of cleaning and painting the whole ship, until it shines. In the meantime, the submarine Magnitogorsk has been placed in charge of monitoring the dive of another submarine. It’s then that its captain, Vladimir Nagornov, spots a civilian ship in the vicinity of where the submarine Vyborg is about to surface, which can be very dangerous.

The Baltic Fleet (E04): 'Magnitogorsk' submarine begins its dive // RT Documentary. 11.03.2016.

Getting the corvette Soobrazitelny ready for the parade is not enough – the sailors must also make sure the whole crew looks impeccable. A close examination of their uniforms is mandatory. While Aleksandr Slonov’s men tidy themselves up, submarine Magnitogorsk begins its dive, but not before Captain Nagornov follows up on some very important procedures and rituals.

The Baltic Fleet (E05): A tour around the 'Soobrazitelny' warship and a military parade // RT Documentary. 12.03.2016.

Soobrazitelny’s crew is having a final rehearsal before the parade. While docked at the civilian port, they are allowed to give guided tours on board the ship. Lieutenant Karakash is tasked with conducting them to redeem his other shortcomings at work. At the same time, a sailor aboard the Magnitogorsk submarine celebrates his birthday 40 meters below sea level. Later in the day, the crews of both vessels receive well-deserved accolades.

The Baltic Fleet (E06): Marines tackle an obstacle course to build team spirit // RT Documentary. 14.03.2016.

Magnitogorsk submarine is about to start resurfacing, but first the crew needs to conduct some safety procedures. Meanwhile, the team of corvette Soobrazitelny is joined by marine new recruits. The marines undergo an obstacle course with a psychologist who knows how to make them work as a team.

The Baltic Fleet (E07): Armoured vehicles - on land and in the sea // RT Documentary. 15.03.2016.

While the crew of corvette Soobrazitelny is painting their ship ahead of the big parade, their brothers in arms, the marines, learn to drive an armoured vehicle. The Magnitogorsk submarine, meanwhile, is navigating the Kaliningrad Sea Canal – a narrow manmade canal created back in 1901, a task that demands much skill and precision.

The Baltic Fleet (E08): Taking exams and firing cannons from armoured vehicles // RT Documentary. 16.03.2016.

The crew of submarine Magnitogorsk receive the results of their exams and find out who of them are the brainiest. On board the corvette Soobrazitelny, lieutenant Karakash is getting ready for an exam as well. The results may well determine how successful his career will be. Meanwhile, the marines continue their training in an armoured vehicle – today they’ll be firing from the cannon.

The Baltic Fleet (E09): Spring cleaning on board the submarine and a friendly football match // RT Documentary. 17.03.2016.

It’s spring cleaning time aboard the Magnitogorsk. The submarine has to look its best for the upcoming stand-off with corvette Soobrazitelny. The captain of the latter, Aleksandr Slonov, pays a friendly visit to his old friend and soon-to-be rival, Vladimir Nagornov. To fire up their competitive spirit, the teams of both vessels decide to play a football match. The marines, however, are still on their training, this time driving their armoured vehicles into the sea.

The Baltic Fleet (E10): Parachuting, underwater de-mining & the final preparations for the face-off // RT Documentary. 18.03.2016.

After finishing their combat vehicle training, the marines begin preparing for a parachute jump. At the same time, the corvette Soobrazitelny crew members practice their underwater de-mining techniques one final time, while submarine Magnitogorsk enlists the help of a reconnaissance aircraft. The time has come for the two Baltic Fleet vessels to test their military prowess against each other!

The Baltic Fleet (E11): Underwater navigation and enemy detection // RT Documentary. 19.03.2016.

Captain Nagornov’s tactic aboard the Magnitogorsk is to sneak up on the corvette underwater. To do so, he needs to determine the exact location of his enemy, without giving away his own. Meanwhile, captain Slonov’s corvette is preparing a surprise for its enemy – the marines in armoured vehicles are ready to be deployed in the water. But, as the military exercise commences, the two teams notice the presence of a third party: a mysterious aircraft that seems to have its own agenda in this competition.

The Baltic Fleet (E12): Naval war games 'Soobrazitelny' & 'Magnitogorsk' go all out to win // RT Documentary. 21.03.2016.

Corvette Soobrazitelny and submarine Magnitogorsk both reach the training battle area. And now, after all the preparation and planning, it’s time to show what their crews are capable of. They’ll be trying to outsmart each other using all resources available to them, including amphibious armoured vehicles and torpedoes. Each team is determined to win this battle.

* * *

К 110-й годовщине создания Подводного флота России // Минобороны России. 19.03.2016.

19 марта в ВС РФ празднуется День моряка-подводника.
Ровно 110 лет назад, 19 (6) марта 1906 г. по указу императора Николая II в классификацию судов военного флота был включен новый класс кораблей – подводные лодки. Этим же указом в состав Российского флота были включены первые десять подводных лодок.
В этот день Россия чествует тех, для кого подводный флот стал судьбой, кто привык жить по законам подводного братства, кто утверждал славные традиции подплава и тех, кто с честью приумножает их в своей служебной деятельности ныне.

* * *

Памяти героев "Курска"!

Любэ. Там за туманами...

На фото: русский "Вепрь" К-157 подходит к бретонскому порту Брест (Франция), 2004 г.

(с) AP, Franck Prevel
У берегов Камчатки:

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Усталая подлодка

Александр Викторов с песней "Усталая подлодка". Слова Николая Добронравова и Сергея Гребенникова. Музыка Александры Пахмутовой.
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